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My web site is dedicated to the most popular Chinese drama series, Princesses of Pearls!

"The Taiwan-produced TV serial "Huanzhu Ge Ge, the Emperor's Daughter," so popular that the show- all 120 episodes- is already on its second airing all over the world."
-The Los Angeles Times

HZGG Princesses

1/8/04 Happy New Year!! QY's Official Site is open and updated!!
10/13/03 QY's Official Site is temporarily closed down to make a new site (maybe for the next upcoming series- Xue Yu Huo)
8/13/03 HZGG 3 has been released for over a month and the soundtrack is out too! I have watched Part 3 and it is pretty good, hope everyone else enjoys it too!
Added New Cast Members of HZGG 3 to Cast Page
Added New a new Pic of Me =)
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